Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at Jeffery Simmons Fun Day. Here is the important information you need to know:

  1. Vendor Arrival: Gates will open for vendors at 8 AM on July 6, 2024. Please ensure you arrive on time to set up your booth. All vendors must be completely set up by 3 PM.

  2. Vendor Spaces: All vendor spaces will be pre-assigned by organization staff. Kindly occupy only the designated vendor space assigned to you.

  3. Generators: We recommend using quiet generators to minimize noise disturbance during the event.

  4. Power Cord Safety: Avoid placing power cords across walk areas to prevent trip hazards.

  5. Cooking Guidelines: Ensure that no grease or cooking materials spill on the turf area. All cooking oil and other materials must be properly disposed of, and under no circumstances should they be poured onto the field turf.

  6. Vehicle Restrictions: Any vehicle or food truck showing signs of oil leaks, or any other leaks will not be allowed on the turf area to protect the grass.

  7. Setup and Removal:  All vehicles must be clear of the turf area by 3 PM. Vendors arriving after 3 PM will not be permitted to set up.

  8. Communication: In the event that you can no longer participate, please notify us by June 24, 2024. Any vendors that do not show up without prior notification will forfeit the opportunity for setup at all future Jeffery Simmons events. If you have any questions, please text them to 404-793-4722 for assistance.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful event. Thank you for being a part of Jeffery Simmons Fun Day!

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